Home Office Square Meter Living Room

It’s great when you can add a separated office into a 20 square meter living room. Only thing you need for that is creativity. Both these spaces shouldn’t be too tight because otherwise working and relaxing wouldn’t be as comfortable as they should be. A spacious cabinet from floor to ceiling would be a great separator in such room. It not only would separated both spaces but also provide a lot of space for storage. Check out pictures and you would understand how cool such room could look like.
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Combo Of A Living And Dining Rooms

The idea of combining living and dining areas has a lot of fans. That is the only way to live in comfort if you have a tiny kitchen plus such combination looks quite good. Here is a very interesting and creative combo of these areas. It requires a transformable table and several stacking chairs hidden in a closet. The table can serve as a home office desk or as a crafts table in its small state.
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