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Makeup Tutorials for Blue Eyes 2016

Blue eyes are beautiful in themselves, but their gorgeousness can be further enhanced with makeup!  Do you have blue eyes?  If you do, you probably already have quite a few ideas for eye makeup looks, and might even alternate among more than a few of them right now.  In this article, we will list 26 easy makeup tutorials for blue eyes.  This is exciting, as you will learn many different tips and tricks for making the most of your beautiful blues!
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Glittering Shades of Blue Makeup Tutorials

We are all going crazy over the latest ombre fads, because, let’s face it, ombre is everywhere. It is the “in” style. From gorgeous ombre hairstyles to striking outfits, accessories and makeup, it’s no wonder that we are all pinning to achieve this look. It’s both casually elegant and simply stunning, so why wouldn’t you? Most of us aren’t makeup artists, but that doesn’t mean that you can pull of some striking ombre looks. These tutorials break it down into a step by step process. The secret is out! Ombre eye makeup is not as hard as it looks. Take a look and give it a try.
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Braid Tutorials You Have Never Tried

Do you love braid hairstyles? I don’t think girls who have long hair will miss braided hairdos. Braided hair can be styled for every season. They are always popular and they can pair many outfits. In the post, there are step-by-step braided hairstyles for you. Hope you like them.

Stay with prettydesigns and you will find what you want every time. If you want to learn some hair tricks to upgrade your simple braided hair, you are just check the post right away and follow the tutorials. You can learn how to make mermaid braids or braided half up half down.
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Diy fun fashion Crafts Tutorials 2016

These projects are a great way to work something up that is a perfect match for another item in your wardrobe, rather than searching the sales and rails to find something perfect. You have complete control – so if you like the shape of a t-shirt or shift dress but hate the dull pattern? Then change it! Or if you love a craft idea but need an accessory in a specific color for a big event? Then do it your way! All of these projects are incredibly versatile; you can find new ways to use these techniques depending on your own unique sense of style and what you have around the house that you can use.
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